Dayton Home Health Equipment is for your Benefit

Have you been searching around Dayton for home health equipment that you can depend on? If you have, know that Halsom Homecare is the best in town! At our store you will find everything that you need and more including power wheelchairs, home stair lifts and respiratory care equipment. We are positive that you won’t be able to leave our store without a piece of home medical equipment you could and will find useful.

Our home stair lift is a very popular item that sells like hotcakes. The different home stair lift options that we have available include straight-rail, curved-rail and an outdoor stair lift. If you think that having your very own home stair lift would be extremely beneficial to you and your independance, be sure you visit us online to read more or come by our store in Dayton. We would be happy to show you all three models we have available and the benefits of each.

If you don’t have much trouble getting up and down the stairs in and around your home but you have been meaning to take a peek at our respiratory care equipment, check it out here! We have great home options for you to keep your oxygen levels where they should be at including CPAP sleep therapy machines, nebulizers, portable oxygen and home oxygen. If you are curious of all of the different options we have available, feel free to visit us online now or visit our store at your convenience.

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