Dayton Home Medical Equipment – Enjoy Your Life

Are you looking for home medical equipment that can help you live a happier and healthier life? At Halsome Home Care in Dayton we have many different home health equipment we know you will be able to use that can help you.  We have been in the Dayton, Ohio area for over 70 years. Here at Halsom Home Care we started off selling supplies to only the physicians, after 1984 we decided to take a different approach and started focusing more on the user themselves. Since then we have been selling home medical equipment directly to those who need it.

We have the ability to sell many different products of home health equipment to consumers.  Popular categories of supplies we sell  a lot of in Dayton include power wheelchairs, home stair lifts, and respiratory care equipment.  Being mobile is an important aspect of life, without it, life can be a drag. Keep in mind when you decide to invest in a power wheelchair from Halsom Home Care, you can travel about 20 miles or so on one single charge! That is far! If you would like to learn more about all of our power wheelchairs we have available, stop by or give us a call anytime.

If you are in trouble because you’ve got stairs in your home, don’t fret! We are prepared and have the home stair lift equipment for your home so you can still enjoy every part of your house.  If you call today for a free estimate on your very own home stair lift, you will receive $200 off of your installation! Hurry and give us a call today!

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