Knee Walkers

Why Use a Knee Walker?

If you’ve had lower leg surgery or have experienced an injury below the knee, chances are you need some assistance while walking. Instead of crutches, today people have the option of using a knee walker to help get around.

Compared to crutches, a knee walker allows the user to enjoy greater mobility with fewer limitations. Requiring less upper body strength, the knee walker keeps the user in a natural upright position helping to maintain balance. Also, a person using a knee walker can enjoy full use of their arms while standing still.

A knee walker can be the perfect solution for anyone who cannot bear weight on one side due to lower leg problems.

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Halsom Home Care offers the Drive Medical DV8 Knee Walker as a rental device. It is highly adjustable, lightweight, and folds easily to fit in the trunk of your car. Don’t suffer with crutches when you can use a knee walker from Halsom Home Care.

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